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The Goddess Project

This has been in the planning for years now, but I’m finally ready for this project to be put out into the world! If you’ve attended any of my previous Transcend courses (such as Transcend Depression & Anxiety or Transcend PTSD), this is an obvious next step for you.

You’ve transcended from survivor to warrior, now Transcend to Goddess status!

I’m running this course a little differently, in that you can dip in and out as you choose. Each month we will work with a different feminine deity through traditional yoga, yoga therapy and personal development. You will deepen your physical, mental and spiritual practice and discover the power of your inner goddess energy.

We will meet monthly on a Saturday at Sangha Yoga & Wellness (or online if restrictions are in place) for a two hour practice, including discussion and coming up with a plan (and maybe some homework!) for the following weeks to fully integrate the deity into your practice and life.

Moon Circles

Moon circles will be held twice a month at the new and full moons.

Why a moon circle and not a women’s group?

In a circle there is no hierarchy, and our focus is centred. In a circle, the energy is contained and continuous. When we sit in our circle, we see the value and responsibility to a greater whole – a community. Whereas there may be more discussion in a women’s group, our moon circle will be based more in communal ritual and personal reflection, with the option to discuss if there is call for it.

Our moon circles will open and close to establish the boundary of the circle; what is shared during these gatherings stays strictly in these circles. Journalling will be encouraged, there will be meditations, chanting and moon rituals all conducted within the safe space of our circle.

It’s essential to create a supportive environment so it’s really important to arrive before the start time.

Just like The Goddess Project, you can dip in and out as you wish – you don’t have to attend every moon circle, but obviously the more you attend, the more you will start to see patterns emerging with the lunar cycle and see your intentions bloom.

There is an option to purchase a moon circle ritual kit, which may be used during the circle, or may be part of your personal development over the coming two weeks!

Circles will be held at Sangha Yoga & Wellness