June Relaxation Yoga playlist



A little bit late, but here’s the playlist I’ve been using in the Relaxation Yoga and Meditation classes this month.

In Praise of Tears – Kyle Bobby Dunn

Anna Mae – Christina Vantzou

Red – Kyle McEvoy

The Bright Spot – Bill Ferngren

Sad Alron – Mark Pritchard

Morning Hue – Deep Inside

The Sky is Empty – Orchid Mantis

Verflossen ist das Gold der Tage – Bersarin Quarlett

Temptation – High Blue Sky

Consistency – NK-67

Sengon – Diskjokke

The Alm – The Waterbed Corporation

Ifjungur – Concentrated Dub – Jón & Jálfur

A – Luca

Subconscious – Nihoni

Waiting for Nothing – Evolution of Stars

I Can Almost See You – Hammock

Homemade Mountains – Christina Vantzou

Moon In The Dust – Chihei Hatakeyama

Savasana II – Gabriele Morgan

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